Well I have done it now !

A shaky 1992 picture of me at the "Lanes Restaurant " buffet
A shaky 1992 picture of me at the “Lanes Restaurant ” buffet

This week I transferred my webpage from GoDaddy to WordPress to make the blog and page editing easier to work with. This is going to be a big old learning curve and looking forward to the challenge.

I would like to thank the many bloggers I follow and read for suggesting the move, as I can immediately see just from bashing this on my keyboard the difference in the editing tools.

GoDaddy was a good place to learn what I was doing as i created and learnt what I needed to as my business started. It was cheap, which is great for a start-up, had the basics and several functions and tools I did not really explore. Now I have a better idea of what I want, it only makes sense to move to the tool everyone else is using.

Anyway, what is the business going to look like? what am I going to do? and will the shop reopen for the biscuits and things? The short answer, I have no idea!

In the coming days, as I work out what button does what, how to get A to do this or B to do that, I will also be loading content, partly to keep the momentum, partly to fill this empty space, and partly to learn how the functionality works.

I will be building the food blog, the store, the private booking tools, blog, vid links and who knows what else in the coming days, weeks and months. If you have any suggestions, help, criticisms comments or praise, please get in touch, thanks.

So far, the priorities from the long list of processes I need to do are

  • Interlink this edit function with MS Word ? maybe, maybe not
  • Have an offline list of blog items to create, edit and queue up in the scheduler
    ( Why does “The Scheduler” sound like a villain from a comic book)
  • Edit and resize all the photos and videos I need.
  • Link to the rest of my socials media empire ( hardly an empire not even a blip haha)

Until then, its time to run off and attend to some real world issues, the washing machine to empty, go make dinner before I make this list too long, have a cuppa.

Cheers for now !

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