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This is the default image for this page. Imagine how many other sites this lady appears before she gets deleted forever. Her image is provided by WordPress for the template, I found this image all over the place, but wonder who she is?

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If its a help, I prefer a ‘flat white’ one sugar, or a Greek Metrios or tea- white ‘n’ one or Apple juice or cold beer or Single Malt,…

So who is Vince of VinceHomeMade?

Hi, Thanks for clicking to find my blog, but who am I. Well I’m Vince, a bloke from the North of England; who has been living in Melbourne, Australia since 2001 with my Greek Australian wife, two sons, and @teddythechocolatehound our dog.

So from the beginning…..born and grew up in a regular family of 5 from the North. “Meat n 3 veg”, no ‘fancy foreign food’, regular Sunday roasts, Stews in winter, salads in summer, fish n chips every Friday, rice was only for puddings, and the fanciest thing on the BBQ was a chicken burger.

At 18, I went to University, but did not stay long, as all I could remember in my end of year electronics exam was the recipe for lasagne (when I blog the recipe, I will link it here). Both the lecturer and my tutor were both amazed and impressed that I wrote the full recipe down and used the supplied graph paper to provide a diagram of the layering, instead of writing down the required answers to the questions on semi-conductors, Ohmic resisitance and whatever else they had set.

Clearly I was destined for other things, and went to a day release catering college, while working in a soup kitchen, where with the help of a couple of great instructors, I was able to first secure a short role in a local seaside hotel, then a proper role in a bistro in Windsor, near London in the summer of 1991. I then moved around to hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, private dining clubs, and fancy event centres, Feeding major dignitaries and even the Members and staff of the House of Commons, in the UK Houses of Parliament for a few years. All in London, and sometimes the roles were back to back on the same day, so a 16-18 hour day, a beer or two afterwards, few scant hours sleep and back at it, like some possessed beast.

Fast forward to now, and with a few interesting detours along the way we come to here. A blog about random thngs with recipes attached, A store selling yumminess, and who knows what else. Check the links out, scroll through the blog, browse the equally random Insta and youtube accounts and let me know what you think.

Cheers !!!


This page is also available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Coffee flavour, check your provider for details.

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